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The best way to tail AWS CloudWatch Logs from your terminal


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cw - the best way to tail AWS CloudWatch Logs

The best way to tail AWS CloudWatch Logs from your terminal.

Author - Luca Grulla -




using Homebrew

brew tap lucagrulla/tap
brew install cw


using Linuxbrew

brew tap lucagrulla/tap
brew install cw


Download the .deb or .rpm from the releases page and install with dpkg -i and rpm -i respectively.


Note: If you upgrade to 3.3.0 please note the new alias command. This is required to comply with snapcraft new release rules.

snap install cw-sh
sudo snap connect cw-sh:dot-aws-config-credentials
sudo snap alias cw

cw runs with strict confinement; the dot-aws-config-credentials interface connection is required to have access to .aws/config and .aws/credentials files

Get it from the Snap Store

On Windows


scoop bucket add cw
scoop install cw

Go tools

go get

Commands and options

Global flags



Time and Dates

Time and dates are treated as UTC by default. Use the --local flag if you prefer to use Local zone.

AWS credentials and configuration

cw uses the default credentials profile (stored in ./aws/credentials) for authentication and shared config (.aws/config) for identifying the target AWS region. Both profile and region are overridable via the profile and region global flags.


AWS SSO is supported if you:

If you get an error message that includes ...failed to sign request: failed to retrieve credentials: the SSO session has expired or is invalid... then you should renew your SSO session via aws sso login (and specify the named profile, if appropriate).


Use cw behind a proxy

Please use HTTP_PROXY environment variable as required by AWS cli:

Breaking changes notes

Read here