About me

I am VP Engineering at Signal AI, the leading AI platform that turns world’s information into accessible and actionable knowledge.

At Signal I lead all aspects of the Technology Group, from architecture and technology stack to process and tech culture. I’m also part of Signal Leadership Team, driving the company strategy.

Before Signal most notably I’ve been working at:

  • uSwitch.com, the leading UK comparison website. I was part of the team behind the £190 million acquisition by ZPG in 2015.
  • ThoughtWorks, where I helped European clients in product delivery and Agile and Lean adoption.

Talks and presentations

I’m an active speaker in the Technology community, presenting at conferences and events and contributing to publications.

Open Source

I’m the author and active mantainer of two open source projects.


A npm library to tail file in Node.js.

node-tail npm


A platform agnostic command line tool to interact with AWS Cloudwatch Logs.

cw Github All Releases