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The "healthy tension" nonsense

1 minute read

A long term partnership between Product and Technology, rather than a “healthy tension”, is the secret for success.

Common Sense Engineering

1 minute read

You don’t need complex process to run your Engineering organisation. Four principles based on common sense is all you need.

Anatomy of autonomy for product teams

3 minute read

Team Autonomy is a crucial trait of innovation. To get it right, both the organisation and the teams have to contribute.

My 2020 reading list

1 minute read

These are the books I’ve been reading over 2020, with my three recommendations.







Flow control in Javascript

less than 1 minute read

Mark Needham recently wrote a blog post on how his team worked around a Javascript asynchronous unwanted behaviour. They want to iterate over a collection, ...

Building a firehose with NodeJS

less than 1 minute read

In Forward we handle a large real time data stream. Having already a Hadoop cluster for high latency analysis (mostly reporting), we recently worked on a ...


Javascript testing

1 minute read

Javascript has become in the last year the language for rich web applications, but still it rarely receives the level of attention it deserves.


QA productivity metrics

less than 1 minute read

In a lot of companies the QAs productivityi s measured through the number of defects she raised: the more defects she finds, the harder she works, therefore ...

Acceptance Testing of Flex applications

1 minute read

Acceptance Testing is a fundamental practice: it gives you confidence that your application behaves as expected from the end customer point of view.


Signs of poor communication

less than 1 minute read

Walking in an office and just looking around for 10 minutes is enough to have a feeling of the level of communication in that environment.

Working with Adobe Flex

3 minute read

RIA is a pretty hot topic in these days; even in ThoughtWorks a lot of discussions are going on (if you have time check fellow ThoughtWorkers posts here, he...

Integrate Ivy in a dotNet build

less than 1 minute read

I’m currently involved in a .Net shop and I’m working on redesigning the build pipeline (good old CI stuff). Ivy appeared in our brainstorming sessions as a ...

Essap 2008

less than 1 minute read

For the third year the European Summer School of Agile Programming(Essap) is a great opportunity to learn more about Agile Methodologies.

EasyMock experience

1 minute read

For the last two weeks I’ve worked with EasyMock and coming from a JMock background it’s easy to make a comparison between the two libraries.


Java enum as a strategy pattern

less than 1 minute read

I’ve always thought that Java enums can represent a simple but powerful strategy pattern baked into Java.