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Reading is, by far, my favourite way to learn and reflect on ideas. The themes I invested more in over 2022 include leadership, technology, organizational design and company culture.

Other books on the same themes are in my 2020 reading list and 2021 reading list.

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My 2022 reading list

These two books stood out on the list:

The Power of a Positive No

image-left Behind every no, there’s a yes, something we are protecting, or other things we are willing to say yes to. The ability to explain the reasons behind a no, together with an alternative is critical to move forward and achieve a meaningful agreement. And This book is a gem.

The Art of Leadership

image-left One of the best books about Technology Leadership I’ve ever read. Many books focus on the practices and activities; this gives insights into the why, the mindset, and the tradeoff you need to take. If you are in a technology leadership role, get this book.