My 2020 reading list

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With 2020 just finished I decided to go through the books I read throughout the year.

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My 2020 readings

These are the ten books I read fully. Of this list, these three are my recommendations:

The chimp paradox

image-left Although the style pop-science style of writing is not what I like, the content is excellent. The book is a good dive into how our brain works, how we can get the most out of it, and always being in the best mindset to achieve growth and objectives. A simple but powerful framework to look at challenges and opportunities.


image-left A solid book about product management and product strategy. The book focuses on the different ways to segment the product portfolio and how to have an effective strategy that underpins your decision-making. It’s an excellent read for anyone interested in digital strategy.

The hard thing about hard things

image-left Honestly, the first chapter put me off; I thought it was merely a Silicon Valley hero stereotypical story. The following chapters changed my mind, with a condensed set of recommendations on how to grow a startup. All the recommendations are honest and frank, covering most of the challenges encountered in scaling a business.

This the complete list: